Paper Honeycomb is




Paper honeycomb is a special holding structure formed by bonding the hexagon-shaped core made of paper.

It consists of finite hexagonal continuous cells and cores that enable stronger structure and 10 times stronger bending strength than the existing panel.

It is mainly made from environmentally friendly material - paper. And, it is used a lot in the pallet and inner filler of the furniture. In addition, paper honeycomb is an inner and outer material that performs actions such as: soundproofing, fireproofing, and temperature holding because it is made of 97% of air that is surrounded by 3% of the paper.

Furthermore, paper honeycomb is very light weighted, thus, can possibly be pressed processing. When done so, iron plate, aluminum plate, plywood and other synthetic material plate can be attached as sandwich panels buffer.

Honeycomb board


The honeycomb is created by attaching the paper on the both sided of expanded honeycomb shale where liquid adhesive is spread.

The entire process is automated and the paper honeycomb is cut in precise measure that the ordering company required.

First, the inner structure is cut based on the shape of the fire door or the apartment door. Then, through the hydraulic suction process, paper honeycomb becomes strongly and firmly attached.

Through the flame retardant treatment process and by generating coffin made of honeycomb panel, our company prevents wood imports.

Buffer packing material


Newly developed eco-friendly product as a substitute for Styrofoam.

It can be used to safely pack the glass bottles, plastic bottles, electronic parts, various machinery parts, food, chemicals, etc.

In addition, the volume is small, thus provides efficient storage and shipping.


- Lightweight, vertical pressure power is excellent.

- Safe from the external damage, and prevents the product to be damaged.

- Economical and efficient as it can be produced in a precise specification

- The effect is more prominent when packaging for precision instruments.

- It is easy to change specifications without special tooling work, thus reduces costs when modifications are required.

- It can respond quickly to meet your needs and small quantity batch production is also possible.

Yarn transporting pad



- As it is made of eco-friendly material, paper recycling is possible and it is lightweight, durable, and economical.

- Compared to the conventional cardboard pad, it has stronger compressive strength and prevents moisture; thus,

   can keep the plane shape for a long time.

- Exerts sufficient compressive strength and absorbs external shock excellently when packing and transporting yarn.

ABS Door Pad



-  As it is made of eco-friendly material, paper recycling is possible and it is more lightweight and robust than the existing variety of doors.

- It can prevent shock-absorbing distortion of the door and has the features of: the noise reduction effects, prevent toxic gases in case of fire.

- It has good robustness as a mold of various designs depending on the application.

Paper angle


What is Corner protector?

Corner protector is a packaging of multiple layers of paper in a 90-degree angle that protects the external pressures and the impact of the edges, the loading capacity from long distance moving.


- As made of eco-friendly material, paper recycling is possible.

- Excellent impact to prevent damage of the product.

- Light intensity is strong, and protects the product safely in a variety of specifications

- Variety uses as a protective buffer of the corners of furniture and household appliances, etc.

- Production of different specifications, depending on the packaging conditions (thickness, width, length) available.

- It can be used as a substitute for wood and EPS cushion.

Flame retardant honeycomb



- Toxic gases are generated less when set on fire, and it does not burn well when set on fire.

- Honeycomb cell structure prevents the fire to spread.

- Resistant to moisture by a special flame-retardant coating.

Aluminum honeycomb



- Aluminum honeycomb is a nonflammable honeycomb made of aluminum alloy that overcomes the disadvantages of conventional flame-retardant paper honeycomb and honeycomb.