Uletan adhesives is


As a part of urethane adhesives having an isocyanate group (_NCO), HF-A 100 is a terminal, moisture-curable adhesive that is cured when reacting with moisture in the deposition of the first water and air one-component, non-volatile PU adhesive.

This adhesive was developed as a solvent-free, non-volatile PV in order to be used to bond the composite panel such as metal, FRP, plywood, and foam materials such as styrene

Polyurethane (Uletan) is more advanced adhesive than an epoxy (EPOXY) which also has a good effect on sound insulation.

우레탄 접착제의 사용예

아파트 현관문(방화문)

스틸 칸막이

Features (A special)

● Single component, because the operation is easy and economical.
● exert a metal, wood, stone, concrete, adhesion to a wide range of adherents.
● impact resistant, and durable.
● it can be coated on the surface.
● it can be combined with wet conditions.






암갈색, 점성액








90℃박리 접착 강도(㎏/25㎜)


합판/알미늄 도포량 130gr/㎡



20℃ 72시간



40℃ 7일 침적후



80℃ 7일후

※Storage and Handling Precautions (Warning)

- The adhesive should be kept from exposure to water or air by the reaction of the moisture cure.

- Prevent the water container with a lid to prevent accumulation of moisture in drums or cans into the container in the lid part.

- Once being opened, the adhesive should be used as soon as you open the container. If the adhesive is not fully used, the nitrogen gas should be injected and resealed.

- The above process need to be followed every time you open the lid in order to keep the glue to be kept in good condition even after 24 hours.

- The adhesive should be kept 10-25 ℃.

- The adhesive can be kept below 10 ℃ but the temperature of the adhesive should be raised to 15 ℃ to 20 ℃. (Low temperature of the adhesive causes slow curing rate)

- In more than 27 ℃ when stored for a long time, but the problem by the short period of a week at higher temperatures shortens shelf life.

- Always have an interest in the inventory management and inventory turns, and is the principle "first in, first out".

- Store in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight, 21 ℃ if the status of the raw courage and the storage period is 90 days from the date of manufacture.

Flame retardant Uletan

This product is polyurethane moisture-curing flame retardant adhesive that targets to be used best on steel, plywood, Styrofoam, plaster, fiberglass and plastic plates.

- 성상







담황색 액상


불연성 용제



1. The pot life of 20 to 25 minutes (When surrounding temperature is 25 ℃)
2. The setting time: 80 ~ 90 ℃ X 5 ~ 7 minutes, room temperature for 2 ~ 3 hours
3. Storage stability: 3 months (25 ℃)


1. The flame retardancy and adhesion is excellent.
2.1-part work is simple, and fast cure speed is good productivity.
3. The durability, heat resistance, impact resistance is good.
4. Because the foam-type low coating weight, thermal insulation, sound-absorbing effect is excellent.

1. Use the Cr used in detergent S-900 Please adhere to the Cr steel after the oil cleaned.
2. HONEY-BON adhesives are not required to have concerns about the secondary firing by so complete primary curing temperature (90 ℃ X 5 minutes) more than 98% cured.
3. The adhesive on the conditions subject to change depending on the surrounding environment.
4. Please make sure to use the remaining product is sealed.