Year Content

January, 1979

Company founded in Hwigyeong-dong , Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, No. 151-3

December, 1983

Company moved to Hwigyeong-dong , Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, former No. 146-5

March, 1985

Added epoxy adhesive category

October, 1986

Utility Model Registration No. 30 733

October, 1986

Epoxy adhesive 108-4 relocated

July, 1989

Epoxy adhesive 192-5 relocated

February, 1990

Dactory moved to Namyangju , Gyeonggi, jinjeopeup naegakri 729-2 ( own factory )

October, 1991

Incorporated to Aju Honeycomb company

November, 1991

Add urethane adhesive category

April, 1994

Established a joint venture factory in Harbin, China

June, 1996

Expanded and moved the factory to Gyeonggi-do pocheongun gasanmyeon geumhyeonri 362-14

December, 1997

Acquired the production and service standards for the paper core KSA 9002 (1995), ISO 9002 (1994), ENISO 9002 (1994), KQC-0440 panel

Aju Honeycomb company introduced the nation's first architectural honeycomb internal core in January 1979. Then, the company Incorporated in October, 1991. Besides the paper honeycomb, we continued our steady effort to build epoxy adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, etc for paper products. On October, 1991, our company developed and produced Honeycomb board and produced “coffin” product by doing heat treatment process for fire prevention and making perfect shape through perfect absorption which reduces timber imports and contributed to the effect of saving foreign currency.